Top Best Hosting Providers In India

Are you looking for Hosting for your website? but don’t know which is the best hosting Provider. Then in this article, I will explore the Top Hosting Providers In India. In this digital world, everyone needs a personal website for Blogging, E-commerce, and service providers. a website helps businesses to grow business online. In that case, you need your Domain And Hosting for your website. there are various companies that provide hosting, which I explore one by one in this blog.

Now Let’s understand the term Hosting

so the basics hosting is the home of your website, if you’re on a website you’ll need somewhere to host it that’s exactly what web hosting is. Now there are different types of hosting services you’ve got

  1. Shared Hosting – is the most popular and affordable type of hosting so hosting is basically the computer and network infrastructure that keeps your website available across the internet it also provides other key services like email for you. it all starts with a server which is basically a powerful computer which is stored in a highly secure purpose-built multi-million-pound facility called a data center the data center provides the network and power connectivity with temperature control backup systems fire suppression and high levels of physical security.
  2. Reseller Hosting
  3. Virtual private servers or VPS and dedicated servers

Here are the top Hosting Providers

  1. Hostinger
Check Out Hostinger

Hostinger is a web hosting company that offers web hosting services, domain names, email hosting, website builders, and SSL Certificates. Hostinger is used to build websites, blogs, online stores, E-commerce sites, and more. If you are wanting to start a website, blog, online store, or e-commerce site Hostinger is the perfect place to do this. You can get web hosting and begin creating your site along with getting a domain name which is the name of your site. You even get free email accounts ending in your domain name with Hostinger. Hostinger has lots of website-building platforms to build your site with.

A popular one is WordPress. If WordPress isn’t right for you they have tons of site builders to build your site with as seen here. Hostinger even offers a website builder by Zyro which makes creating a website an easy process. You can create your site in minutes with their drag-and-drop editor.
Hostinger web hosting consists of the popular shared hosting plans. Other hosting services Hostinger offers are Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Minecraft Server hosting, CMS hosting, eCommerce hosting, web hosting for agencies, CyberPanel hosting, and cPanel hosting. Hostinger has web hosting services for everyone’s needs.
Whether your site is a big, small, low traffic, or high traffic site, visitors. If you are needing to build a website, blog, online store, E-commerce site, or more then Hostinger is a great pick. You can get your domain name which is the name of your site and web hosting to start building your site with Hostinger web hosting.

2. Liquid Web

Most services are managed at Liquid Web, which means that your security will be taken care of, but that doesn’t mean that you should not follow the best practices for your part of the website.
Liquid Web provides standard DDoS protection, a standard server secure security package, and an integrated firewall. So this is a great base blanket layer of security, but you need to manually install SSL certificates and activate them manually.

Also, you’ll have to set up your own web application firewall. This manual stuff is a little inconvenient, but it ensures airtight security. Usually, the first reason why we would upgrade from shared hosting is performance. You know that for more serious projects, ain’t nobody got time for loading a few seconds later. My WordPress website stayed well below the recommended two-and-a-half-second mark, which is the gold standard. there are optimizations on your end that could increase speed even further. But even straight out of the box, it’s great results.

The time before the first byte or TTFB for my fellow nerds is snappy here. The gold standard is half a second, but Liquid Web starts loading your site around 0.18 seconds in. I quickly wanted to check the uptime for my website. I mean, if shared hosting can guarantee you 99.99% uptime, what can you expect from a VPS? I mean, if our lives can’t be stable, at least our websites should be. The thing about Liquid Web is that they guarantee 100% uptime. That’s something you don’t get everywhere.

3. Cloudways

what is Cloudways? Cloudways is a hosting platform, which lets you run WordPress sites at very high speeds.
so the websites that you host on Cloudways will be much faster than traditional hosting companies. so this is because, traditional hosting companies, use a method called shared hosting. which means your website’s server resources are shared with several other users, but in cloud ways, your server’s resources are allocated just for your website and because of this when someone visits your website, it responds much faster and displays your website quickly to your visitors. so this means all your pages on your site will load quickly for your visitors. so this is one of the main advantages of Cloudways addition to this you can also host an unlimited number of websites on the cloud ways.

4. Namecheap

After a few GTmetrix tests, Namecheap’s Largest Contentful Paint, or LCP, was 1.1 seconds. That’s 1.4 seconds faster than the 2.5 industry standard. LCP doesn’t mean your site is loaded completely, just that the bulk of it is loaded and your visitors can interact with your content.

Uptime – After a few GTmetrix tests, Namecheap’s Largest Contentful Paint, or LCP, was 1.1 seconds. That’s 1.4 seconds faster than the 2.5 industry standard. LCP doesn’t mean your site is loaded completely, just that the bulk of it is loaded and your visitors can interact with your content.

Usability – Namecheap’s custom control panel works fine, but it won’t win any prizes for UX design. For server control and more complex tasks, you use cPanel. If you’re a fan of this channel, you know my position on cPanel. It’s old, bulky, and not that sexy looking. The custom dashboard itself is also a bit meh and confusing. If you don’t wanna use WordPress, you can use the website builder tool. It has a good selection of templates and its drag-and-drop capabilities make it relatively easy to use. It’s nothing to write home about, but it will work just fine for beginners. With Namecheap, you can expect 24/7 customer support via live chat and tickets.

5. Interserver

InterServer is a provider that’s probably not the biggest name in the industry, but it always had a soft spot in my cold, hosting heart. It just did its own thing with pricing and features. A good and secure-looking package overall, but don’t forget to follow security practices yourself. Now, pricing is a thing that InterServer does differently. Or at least it did. It has one shared hosting plan for a month. It includes all you need to launch your website and a lot of unlimited resources as I mentioned before.

Speed – Failing to load within a certain standard timeframe can seriously damage your traffic and even SEO. This line is 2.5 seconds and InterServer was faster, coming at around 2.3 seconds. Not the best result, still great for shared hosting. But there might be a problem with bigger projects. the server took 1.5 seconds to begin loading my site, everything above the 0.6-second mark is not a great result.

All these are the best Hosting Provider and many more which provides you the Hosting services. I mentioned the other provider’s name here so can also check it for your website. it totally depends on you which Hosting is better because all these are mostly similar, you have to choose one of them. Godaddy, Bigrock, HostGator, and Nexcess.

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