Bard is now Gemini, and Google wants you to switch from ChatGPT to this instead

Google is starting to put AI at the heart of the whole Android ecosystem by rebranding Bard as Gemini, releasing the Gemini app, and opening up the Gemini Advanced subscription plan.

In Short

  • Google Bard is now called Gemini.
  • For Android, Gemini now offers a stand-alone app.
  • There is a new Google One subscription plan available for Gemini Advanced, the paid edition of the app.

Google Bard is now Gemini

As we have been hearing, Google has officially announced its intentions to rebrand Bard. Google announced to India Today Tech behind closed doors that it is changing the name of Google Bard to Gemini. Consequently, has replaced [Aside: For the next few days, Google is already concerned that Bard might not adjust to its new identity as quickly as users would like and might still mistake itself for Bard.]

Google urges you to use Gemini instead of ChatGPT

Google has released a stand-alone Gemini app for Android users in an attempt to do this. This will resemble the ChatGPT app quite a bit. You can still use the Gemini app to communicate with the chatbot that was previously known as Bard, access the Gemini Assistant, ask it to create photos and perform all other tasks. Additionally, Gemini can be set as the default assistant on an Android smartphone. But this will be an optional setting. This will provide Android users of the Gemini app access to Google Assistant voice capabilities, enabling them to perform activities like managing smart home devices, scheduling calls, and setting timers.

Although Google hasn’t yet revealed a stand-alone Gemini app for iOS users, the firm promises that Gemini will be accessible through the Google app in the “coming weeks” for those users. iOS users can talk with Gemini by simply tapping the Gemini toggle to enable it.

Although the Gemini app for iOS and Android will be free, Google must still turn a profit, right? It is, after all, a business. Google has therefore revealed that Gemini Advanced, a new experience that allows you to access Gemini Ultra 1.0, the largest AI model the firm has ever created, will be accessible for a premium price and will provide certain exclusive advantages to its customers. Consider ChatGPT Plus.

Starting today, a new Google One AI Premium plan will be offered, which will include Gemini Advanced. The plan includes a free two-month trial and is priced at $19.99 per month (about Rs 1660). This will include 2TB of storage in addition to access to Gemini Advanced and other platforms including as Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and others. It was formerly known as Duet AI.

Bard is now Gemini

Gemini AI everywhere

Which brings us to another announced rebranding by Google. According to the business, Duet AI will become Google Workspace and Google Cloud’s Gemini. As previously stated, customers can use Duet AI or Geminii in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet with Google One AI Premium. In essence, as a result of the integration, users of Google One AI Premium will be able to access active assistance for Gemini AI in programs like Gmail and Google Docs. These tools will enable Gemini AI to arrange emails, assist with message drafting, and even provide writing tips.

The Gemini app will initially support Korean and Japanese in addition to English; but, by the following month, it will also support other languages spoken in South Asia. In particular, we asked Google to support Hindi and other Indian languages. Although we never received a satisfactory answer on “other Indian languages,” we were informed that Gemini would do the same as Bard already supported Hindi.

What about Gemini on feature phones and wearables

We also asked Google if we would soon see its support on wearables, given that Google wants Gemini AI everywhere. It could be intriguing to use the AI chatbot on Android wearables, but Google hasn’t yet provided any specific information on it. But all Jack Krawczyk, Senior Director of Product Management, Gemini Experiences, said us was that the company is focused on the Gemini app for now and wants to expand its user base as soon as possible. When we inquired about if the chatbot may eventually be available on feature phones in India, we received the same response.

ChatGPT vs. Gemini

Although Google didn’t mention ChatGPT specifically during this event, this action appears to be the company’s subdued reaction to the ChatGPT software. Google has made many comparisons between ChatGPT and its Bard chatbot over the last few weeks. Furthermore, similar to GPT-4, Google recently revealed that the chatbot now has an Imagen-2-based picture maker. In essence, Google One AI Premium, Gemini Advanced, and the Gemini app are efforts further to incorporate the AI technology into the Android environment.


1. Is Gemini available in Bard?

As of today, February 8, 2024, Gemini and Bard are actually the same! Google rebranded Bard as Gemini in October 2023. So, when you interact with Bard, you are actually using the Gemini model.
There are different versions of Gemini with varying capabilities:
Gemini Pro: This is the version currently available in Bard. It’s accessible in over 40 languages and 230 countries.
Gemini Ultra: This is a more advanced version that is still under development and not yet publicly available.

So, to answer your question directly, yes, Gemini is available in Bard! You are already using it when you interact with me.

2. Is Bard based on Gemini?

In actuality, Bard itself was the original name for the large language model, and it has since been renamed to Gemini.
Therefore, Bard wasn’t based on Gemini; it is essentially Gemini under a different name. The rebranding occurred in October 2023, with the aim of better reflecting the model’s capabilities and aligning it with Google’s wider AI strategy.

3. Will Google Gemini replace Bard?

You’re absolutely right, there is no longer a distinction between Bard and Gemini. Google officially rebranded “Bard” to “Gemini” in October 2023. So, in essence, Bard didn’t get replaced by Gemini; it simply underwent a name change.
Therefore, the phrasing “Will Google Gemini replace Bard?” isn’t quite accurate.
Here’s a more precise description of the situation:
Google AI’s large language model was originally called Bard.
In October 2023, Google rebranded Bard to Gemini.
Both Bard and Gemini refer to the same underlying technology and capabilities.
There is no longer a separate “Bard” model.

However, it’s important to note that Google continuously improves and updates its language models. While the core technology behind Gemini remains the same as what powered Bard, it’s likely that future iterations of Gemini will offer enhanced features and capabilities. In that sense, the rebranding could signify an ongoing evolution of the technology, leading to a more advanced version of what was initially called Bard.

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