The Secret Guide to the Farfetch Affiliate Program


A Fashion Oasis in the Digital Desert

Imagine a platform curating the most coveted designer collections from over 800 boutiques worldwide. A place where Balenciaga sneakers brush shoulders with vintage Chanel, and emerging independent labels mingle with fashion royalty. This is Farfetch, the ultimate luxury fashion destination for discerning shoppers.

The Power of Partnerships

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, affiliate programs have become a cornerstone for brands to reach new audiences and drive sales. These strategic partnerships leverage the influence of content creators, bloggers, and social media mavens to spread the word about products and services. For influencers, it’s a chance to monetize their passion and connect with like-minded consumers.

Your Ticket to the Inner Circle

Now, here’s the exciting part: The Farfetch Affiliate Program opens doors to a world of designer delights for both shoppers and affiliates. It’s your VIP pass to a lucrative realm where you can earn generous commissions by promoting the hottest trends and timeless classics from the world’s most coveted fashion houses.

Farfetch Affiliate Program

Understanding the Farfetch Affiliate Program: Keys to Unlocking Your Fashion Empire

Unveiling the Secrets

The Farfetch Affiliate Program offers a lucrative CPS (Cost Per Sale) structure, meaning you earn a commission for every purchase made through your unique affiliate link. But unlike the average program, Farfetch sweetens the deal with generous rates that can reach up to 13%. Talk about designer dreams coming true!

Your Royal Rewards

Beyond the enticing commissions, here’s a treasure trove of benefits waiting for you:

  • A Cookie Crumble fit for a King: Farfetch boasts a generous 30-day cookie duration. This means that any customer clicking your link within that window, even if they make a purchase later, earns you that coveted commission.
  • A Global Fashion Playground: Your reach extends beyond borders! Promote Farfetch’s exquisite selection to a worldwide audience, expanding your potential customer base and earning commissions from international sales.
  • Tools of the Trade: Farfetch provides powerful marketing tools and resources to equip you for success. From banners and creatives to personalized tracking and reporting, you’ll have everything you need to optimize your campaigns and drive conversions.
  • Beyond the Boutique: The program extends beyond Farfetch’s own curated platform. You can also promote independent boutiques and emerging brands that partner with Farfetch, opening up a world of fashion diversification and niche appeal for your audience.
  • Exclusive Perks: As a top-performing affiliate, you might just find yourself invited to exclusive Farfetch events, launches, and collaborations. Think insider access to fashion’s most coveted moments – not bad for someone with great taste and savvy promotion skills!

Unlocking the Gate: How to Join the Farfetch Affiliate Program

Stepping into the Spotlight

Joining the Farfetch Affiliate Program is as easy and glamorous as browsing the latest Dior collection. This is the way to venture out:

  • Find Your Platform: Farfetch partners with Partnerize, a leading affiliate network. Go to their site and make a record. It’s free, quick, and opens doors to a world of brand partnerships.
  • Declare Your Fashion Allegiance: Once you’re in, navigate to the “Programs” section and search for “Farfetch.” Click on “Join Program” and fill out the application. Be sure to showcase your website, social media presence, and audience demographics – think of it as your elevator pitch to the world of luxury fashion.

Patience is a Virtue (Especially in Fashion)

After submitting your application, it’s time to channel your inner Coco Chanel and embrace the art of patience. The Farfetch team meticulously reviews each application, ensuring they partner with passionate, influential affiliates who align with their brand values. You’ll receive a notification within 7-10 business days, letting you know whether you’ve been accepted into the program.

Fashioning a Winning Application

While the Farfetch team holds high standards, they’re also looking for genuine love for fashion and a commitment to creating engaging content. Here are a few hints to make your application sparkle:

  • Highlight your niche: Are you a streetwear aficionado, a vintage connoisseur, or a minimalist maven? Let your unique fashion voice shine through.
  • Showcase your platform: Whether you’re a blogger, YouTuber, or Instagram influencer, demonstrate the reach and engagement you command.
  • Embrace authenticity: Be genuine about your passion for Farfetch and the brands they offer. Remember, honesty is the new couture!
  • The proof is in the pixels: Share examples of your past work related to fashion and affiliate marketing. Show them what you’ve got!
Farfetch Affiliate Program

Unleashing the Arsenal: Farfetch Affiliate Tools and Resources

Congratulations, fashionista! You’ve cracked the code and earned your VIP pass to the Farfetch affiliate world. Now, it’s time to explore the treasure trove of tools and resources at your disposal, ready to amplify your reach and send those commissions soaring.

Your Command Center: The Affiliate Dashboard

Think of your affiliate dashboard as your fashion headquarters. This dynamic platform, accessible through Partnerize, provides real-time insights into your affiliate journey. Here, you can:

  • Track your performance: Monitor clicks, conversions, and commission earnings with detailed reports and analytics.
  • Generate tracking links: Create unique links for every campaign, product, or even individual items, allowing you to track performance and optimize your content.
  • Access marketing materials: Discover a library of stunning banner ads, eye-catching text links, and product feeds, all ready to be deployed across your platforms.
  • Stay informed: Receive updates on new promotions, exclusive partnerships, and upcoming launches.

Your Secret Weapon: Tracking Links

Think of tracking links as your fashion fairy godmothers, guiding those precious clicks and conversions straight to your affiliate dashboard. Each link is embedded with a special code, ensuring you get credit for every purchase made through your efforts. Remember, the more strategic your link placement, the more conversions you’ll conjure!

Your Visual Toolbox: Promotional Materials

Farfetch knows the power of visual storytelling, and so should you! Their arsenal of promotional materials is your secret weapon for captivating your audience and driving clicks. Let’s explore some options:

Banner Ads:

Sleek and Stylish: Farfetch offers a range of pre-designed banners in various sizes and styles, featuring the latest trends and hottest brands. Think sleek product shots, captivating campaign visuals, or exclusive offers, all ready to be integrated into your website or social media pages.

Text Links:

Simple but Powerful: Don’t underestimate the power of a well-placed text link. Farfetch provides customizable text links you can seamlessly weave into your blog posts, social media captions, or email newsletters. Add a touch of intrigue with call-to-action phrases like “Shop my Farfetch favorites now!” or “Get exclusive access to designer deals.”

Product Feeds:

A Feast for the Eyes: Take your content to the next level with dynamic product feeds. These automatically update with the latest Farfetch offerings, allowing you to showcase real-time trends, curated collections, or specific pieces you love. Imagine your blog post or Instagram grid bursting with vibrant product images, prices, and direct links to purchase – instant conversion magic!

Farfetch Affiliate Program

Maximizing Earnings with the Farfetch Affiliate Program

Congratulations, you’ve mastered the basics of the Farfetch Affiliate Program! Now, it’s time to turn your fashion passion into a thriving revenue stream. Buckle up, because we’re about to unleash the secrets to maximizing your earnings and becoming a true Farfetch affiliate kingpin.

Strategies for Effective Promotion

1. Niche Targeting:

Don’t be a fashion jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Identify your unique niche within the vast world of Farfetch. Are you a streetwear evangelist? A vintage queen? A minimalist guru? Cater your content and product recommendations to your specific audience, building trust and authenticity. Imagine a sneakerhead landing on your blog and finding a treasure trove of exclusive Air Jordans and limited-edition Yeezys – instant click and conversion city!

2. Content Creation Tips:

  • Be a Storytelling Maestro: Weave captivating narratives around the products you promote. Don’t just list features, share the story behind the brand, the designer’s inspiration, or how the piece can elevate your audience’s personal style. Think of it as fashion-infused storytelling, drawing your readers into a world of desire and aspiration.
  • Consistency is Queen: Build a loyal following by delivering regular, engaging content. Create a content calendar, experiment with different formats like blog posts, social media stories, and YouTube videos, and keep your audience coming back for more fashion goodness.

Leveraging Social Media

The power of social media is undeniable. Utilize platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to reach a wider audience and promote your Farfetch affiliate links. Share curated looks, behind-the-scenes glimpses of new collections, and host interactive shopping sprees using Farfetch’s live-streaming features. Remember, the more you engage with your audience, the more trust you build and the more likely they are to click and buy.

Analyzing Performance Reports

Data is your best friend in the affiliate marketing world. Regularly analyze your performance reports through the Farfetch affiliate dashboard. Here’s how:

Monitoring Clicks and Conversions:

Track how many people click on your affiliate links and how many make actual purchases. This data helps you understand your audience’s interests and identify which content resonates best. Did that blog post about vintage Chanel bags get a ton of clicks but few conversions? Maybe your audience is more interested in contemporary trends. Use this data to inform your future content strategy and optimize for better results.

Optimizing for Better Results

Make it a point to trial and change your methodology. A/B test different headlines, visuals, and call-to-action phrases to see what gets the best click-through rates and conversions. Analyze which platforms perform best for you and focus your efforts there. Remember, it’s all about continuous learning and improvement.

By implementing these strategies and analyzing your performance data, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a top-earning Farfetch affiliate. Remember, passion, strategic content, and data-driven optimization are the keys to unlocking your true fashion empire potential.


As we wrap up this comprehensive guide, we’ll recap key points, encouraging readers to explore the lucrative opportunities presented by the Farfetch Affiliate Program. By leveraging the insights and strategies shared throughout this guide, you can embark on a successful journey in affiliate marketing with Farfetch, transforming your influence into a source of revenue. The world of luxury fashion awaits – seize the opportunity and elevate your affiliate marketing endeavors with Farfetch.


How do I sign up for the Farfetch Affiliate Program?

The Farfetch Affiliate Program is managed through Partnerize, a leading affiliate network. Here’s how to sign up:
Head to Partnerize: Visit their website at and create a free account.
Search for Farfetch: Once logged in, navigate to the “Programs” section and search for “Farfetch.”
Apply to the program: Click on “Join Program” and fill out the application form. Be sure to highlight your website, social media presence, and audience demographics.
Wait for approval: The Farfetch team reviews each application carefully, and you’ll receive a notification within 7-10 business days regarding your acceptance.

Does the Farfetch Affiliate Program have a UK-specific version?

No, the Farfetch Affiliate Program operates globally. You can promote Farfetch to a worldwide audience regardless of your location.
However, you may find that certain marketing materials or promotional offers are tailored to specific regions like the UK.

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