Top 5 Best Social Media Marketing Books In 2022

Let’s explore 5 of the very best social media marketing books each of these books provide a unique and valuable rather than focusing on any one specific social platforms most of the books in this list focus on the high-level skills that you need to be successful on any social media network.

So skills like how to create viral content, how to attract loyal followers, how to influence people and how to build trust and authority, and perhaps most important of all how to build initial momentum when you are first getting started.

So the motive here by the end of this blog you have clarity when it comes to which of these books is most relevant to what it is that you want to achieve with social media. That way you focus reading time on the most effective and most relevant books for you.

So let’s start with the Best Social Media Marketing Books

1. Start With Why by Simon Sinek

 If you want to connect with your audience on a much deeper level, then it’s very important to clarify and communicate your why, and the deeper purpose behind your social media efforts.  What is the impact that you want to have in this world? Why did you choose the topic or theme that you happen to be focused on? if you can clarify your deeper purpose and share that with your audience, it can create a much deeper and more trusted connection.

Now the trap that a lot of people fall into is they focus on what they do. The book explains people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

This book will show how people in the past have built big businesses and big brand based on their vision and why they are doing it often that means building something with real value and what this book will show you is actual examples of who have built something with meaning because they have asked themselves the question about why they doing it.

 2. Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion by Dr.Robert Cialdini

This book was written from the perspective of how to avoid being persuaded by the various techniques that it covered and yet somewhat ironically, the book has become a cult classic among salespeople and marketers, and others that want to become more influential or more persuasive. The covers these six principles of influence which include reciprocation, commitment, consistency, social proof, liking authority, and scarcity.

A principle like social proof- the idea here is that when people are in doubt when they are uncertain, they tend to look to the action of others to guide their own decision and their actions.

Another principle liking- we are far more likely to do what we are told if we are told to do it by somebody that we like this chapter actually goes on to describe how to get people to like starting with number 1 Be Attractive

The Language Of Trust by Michael Maslansky

3. The Language Of Trust by Michael Maslansky

 This is a very important follow-up to a book like influence because this book stresses the value of building trust and credibility with your audience. The single most valuable asset that you have is your brand, whether it’s a business brand or a personal brand, or even just your name, your brand is the single most valuable thing that you have and so you want to look for an opportunity to build and maintain trust and credibility with your audience.

So this book is all about how the world is far more skeptical today. People are far less trusting, we have all been burned by big businesses or big organizations or institutions or even some cases governments and so we are far less trusting than we have been in the past. This book is all about how to communicate in a way that builds trust and authority and trust and credibility so that when you do the right thing.

Youtube secrets

4. Youtube secrets by Sean Cannel and Benji Travis

 If your social media strategy involves creating video content and you plan to publish that content on Youtube, it is very important to understand that Youtube operates quite differently when compared to other video platforms like Facebook or IGTV, or Instagram reels. Youtube is first and foremost a search engine. So even though it does have a recommendation algorithm and more recently, they have added a newsfeed feature, at this core, youtube is a search engine.

If you want to take advantage of youtube and the massive platform that is it today, then I highly recommend that you pick up a book like this, understand how the platform operates, and make sure that you are taking advantage of the unique characteristics of youtube as a platform.

5. Superfans by Pat Flynn.

 As you began to build momentum on social media, it can become very tempting to start obsessing about vanity metrics, like the total number of followers or subscribers, or fans that you connect with on a specific platform. And often these kinds of metrics are attractive because they make it relatively easy to feel like you are measuring steady progress over time.

If you want to grow your following, if you want to have a greater impact, when it comes to social media or any other content efforts like that, then it’s very important that you read a book like this, get familiar with the concept of super fans and look for opportunities to attract and nurture more of them rather than obsessing about vanity metrics, like the total number of followers or subscribers.

Much more important to focus on the quality as opposed to the number of connections that you are making on social media.


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