How to use social media to boost your SEO efforts

How to use social media to boost your SEO efforts?

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How to use social media to boost your SEO efforts

Digital marketing efforts (Social media and SEO) cannot be ignored in the fast-changing world, you need to have an integrated digital marketing strategy in order to leverage the online medium to drive sales for your product.  Be it social media marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, each has its own advantages, you should not ignore a particular medium. In the year 2017 digital spending has gone past TV for the first time and by 2020 digital ad spend is expected to make up 50 % of the total ad

using social media to boost your SEO efforts

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Search engine optimization is one area where you should not take it lightly, not all companies can afford paid advertising, and this is where SEO comes into play. 69593 Google searches happen in a second and as per 2017 79% of the overall desktop traffic was through google, so business should follow the google best practices and invest in Google. A well-defined SEO strategy will bring you quality leads that being said you should invest your time and efforts.

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Content and backlinks are the most important factors to rank in search engine results. Google has not mentioned social ranking in their ranking factors. But if you use social media channels smartly, it would impact your SEO efforts.

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 Different ways social media helps boost your SEO efforts.

  1. Promotes your content

Social media or social signals may not directly impact your ranking in search engines, but it definitely plays a part indirectly. Social media is a great platform to promote your content, it provides visibility to your content. It makes your content to reach lots of people and using relevant hashtags, it may help you reach influencers in your domain which also opens the door for you to reach their audience if they share.

Various ways to promote your content through social media are

Promote content organically

This is the simplest way to push out content, just post the content on your social media account, be it Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook and then wait for the engagement or traffic.

Sponsor your content

If you want to reach a large set of audience or if you want to reach a targeted set of audience, social media marketing will help you do that. It builds visibility to your brand and also it will bring in traffic to your website.

There are various social media platforms which you could use to grow your business


Instagram is a photo sharing space, now most of the brands advertise to take advantage of the channel and the youth.

how social media boosts your seo efforts

Source: Adespresso

  • As of June 2018, there are nearly 500 million daily active users.
  • The Like button is hit an average of 4.2 billion times per day.
  • Instagram images get an average of 23% more engagement than their Facebook counterparts.
  • Brands on Instagram regularly see engagement from around 4% of their total followers.


Facebook with its 2 million users is the go-to social media channel for B2C, be it brand awareness or lead generation.


Twitter is the channel which can be used for promoting content and your website.


From what I have seen this is the best channel by far for B2B business. The targeting in Linkedin is accurate and it is a professional network where most of your target audience spend time for professional purpose.

2. Drives more engagement

Social media channels drive engagement for your content, be it LinkedIn or Facebook, it helps to reach more people and also helps people interact with your content. Engagement is a vital factor which will help reduce the bounce rate, for which you need to have a strong content strategy as well.

The algorithm keeps on changing you cannot only be dependent on a search engine, you need to have other sources of traffic as well, in this way social media acts as your back up source of traffic and also boosts the engagement rate.

3. A source for brand awareness to enhance your SEO ranking

If customers have to purchase your stuff or interact with your brand regularly they need to be aware of your brand and most importantly they need to have a positive experience with your brand. For that social media helps raise awareness to your brand. People share, like and comment on your content and if your brand helps them they would also recommend your brand to their friends as well. The biggest brand builder is word of mouth, social media will help you attain that.

how social media boosts your seo

4.Social media a search engine

Social media acts as a search engine by its self,

So what do we use a search engine for?

  • To read reviews about a particular brand
  • We use it for shopping
  • To find information about the nearest places and much more.
  • To get reviews of movies and products
  • For educational purpose
  • For Job search

Social media is a marketing channel which cannot be ignored.

5. Social sharing is a great link builder

Backlinks are one of the important factors which are always stressed upon. There are various ways to gain backlinks (Social bookmarking, Directory listing, search engine submission, pdf submission). All these techniques are great but social media has its own uniqueness in building links.

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Social media has the ability to reach more people and influencers which makes your content go viral.If your content is great and it is useful for influencers they would link to your content and share it in their network.

This does 2 things

  • It reaches your target audience through your influencers.
  • You also get a high-quality backlink.


Every business aims to rank high on google, every business wants inbound leads and sales. For that, you need to have a strong marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy should be a multi-channel. It should not be like I would concentrate only on  SEO, I want only organic traffic. Your strategy should be a mix of social media and search engine optimization. If you have enough budget you should also try paid Ads like google ads, because until a certain stage where your brand is recognized you will not receive much organic traffic, as it requires a lot of patience and hard work, until then the paid ads can bring traffic to the site. Social media should always be considered as a channel to boost your SEO efforts.

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