complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

Complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

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Digital marketing has become the new buzzword for all the beginners now. The thing that comes to my mind is engineering of the past. There was a time when all the parents wanted their kids to be engineers and as a result what happened lots of new colleges and number of students passing out each year was high and the jobs were low and I have seen people switching fields working in BPO before they get a good job.

Complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

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The thing is before you choose a care, you need to analyze the scope of the field, your interest in that particular field, what are the skills sets required for this field, will it suit you and then if you feel confident get into it. Now in this article, I will help you understand everything about digital marketing before you make this wonderful field your own.

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This Complete guide to digital marketing will help you understand about

  • What is digital marketing?
  • Where do I get started and how do I become a digital marketing expert?
  • Building blocks of digital marketing
  • What is a digital marketing strategy?
  • Why should the business invest in marketing?
  • Resources to get started with digital marketing

What is digital marketing?

According to Wikipedia, Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies mainly the internet but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

The development of digital marketing since the early 2000’s has changed the way business has used technology for marketing.

Digital marketing methods such as search engine optimization, email mail marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising and influencer marketing are being used by business nowadays to generate leads and drive traffic to their website.

As per statista, the total time spent online by millennial internet users worldwide as of 2 nd quarter 2017 was 223 minutes in mobile and 242 minutes on the desktop. The time spent on social networking by internet users have gone up from 90 minutes per day in 2012 to 135 minutes per day in 2017.

Complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

The amount of time spent online now has increased compared to a decade ago this makes digital marketing essential and important for marketers to capitalize on. I still remember Tv commercials and newspapers were the prime sources for Ads when I was a kid and access to the internet was considered costly to afford. Now that times have changed and if you are not having a well defined online strategy you are missing something big .

Why should the business invest in marketing?

Implications and outcomes of your business not concentrating on digital platforms

These could happen to you swiftly if you are not concentrating on Digital marketing

  • Your business would be directionless.
  • You would be losing to startups.
  • You would regret missing the platform where your competitors and customers are spending their time on.
  • You are missing the opportunity to directly interact with your customers.
  • You miss an opportunity where you can calculate the ROI, unlike the traditional marketing.

What is digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing strategy is a clear set of action plan on how you are going to proceed with to achieve your business goal. Customers spend most of the time online nowadays, so it is very essential to set up clear digital marketing strategy to succeed.

Steps for building a successful digital marketing strategy

1. Set up a clear goal

 Whatever business you are into, you have to stay ahead of your competitor. For that, you need to have a defined goal. The goal could be driving traffic to your website, creating brand awareness, lead generation or app installs.

2. Build a funnel

Awareness– The customer here is aware that your product is there in the market. But still has not purchased the product and it is now your responsibility to attract the customer and make the customer purchase.

Interest– At this stage, the customer is actively showing interest towards your product and you provide him with information tailored to his needs.

Desire– Now that the customer is provided with enough information this is the important step where you explain him how the product would benefit him before you close the deal by providing him with even further information.

Action– The customer now knows you pay attention to his needs and he knows the benefit you provide and now is ready to purchase your product.complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

Source: BlueCornacomplete guide to digital marketing for beginnersExample of Modern Buyers Journey

Say John has found out that his television is not working and he has to go for a new product- Awareness

As a next step, he goggles for the best  television brands and considers few brands- Consideration

Then he purchases a TV from a particular brand- Action

Then he likes the particular brand and writes all positive reviews in social media- Loyalty

Stats Time

From a survey conducted by advanced web ranking below are few insights

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

Most Valuable KPIs used for reporting SEO performance

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

Services requested by clients

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

Key Building Blocks of Digital marketing

As a fresher before you start you should at least know about the key building blocks of digital marketing.

As a digital marketer, you should know about

1.  SEO (Search engine marketing)

2. Paid Advertising(Bing Ad words)

3. Social media marketing

4. Mobile App Marketing

Search engine optimization

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing the content in your website so that your website ranks organically high for the keyword you choose.

While doing SEO for any site you need to take care of the below aspects

  • Technical SEO
  • On page optimization
  • Off-page optimization

complete guide to digital marketing for beginnersSource- Neilpatel

On page optimization

SEO is a process of making Google algorithm love your website. Taking care of all essentials such as title, heading tags and meta tags in your own website is called onsite optimization.

Before you start anything here, do a complete keyword analysis and shortlist keywords that you want to rank for.


If you want to rank for best digital marketing institutes in Chennai

Make sure that you use the keywords in your

Homepage content

SEO Title

Meta description


Alt Text

Anchor text

complete guide to digital marketing for beginnersSOURCE-HOOK AGENCY

Few other factors you need to take care

  1. Page Speed

Page speed is an important ranking factor in Google, so make sure you optimize your page loading speed. According to a google research chance of a bounce increases 32% when the page load time goes from 1s to 3 s. 1s to 5 s increases the chance to 90 %. User experience also counts make sure your site provides a good experience to the users. Google always loves the site with good user experience and high-quality content.

complete guide to digital marketing for beginnerscomplete guide to digital marketing for beginnersSource-Traffically

Essential Tag Fundamentals

1).  Title tags:

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

The above highlighted is the SEO title in the search results and it has a character limit of 60. So make sure you keep it under 60. Also ensure that your keyword is present in the SEO title.

2).   Meta description:

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

The above highlighted is the meta description. The meta description can be of any length but google shows it only upto 300 characters.

3. Creating Content That Drives Search Traffic

Content is the king in digital marketing, make sure you create content for the users and not for search engines. Long form content always rank better in search engines.

complete guide to digital marketing for beginnersSource-SEOCHAT

complete guide to digital marketing for beginnersSource-Hook agency

4. Optimizing Crawlability

Make sure your site is crawlable and if there is any warning or errors do have a check in the search console and fix the issues as quick as possible.

To know more about search console read here

5. Mobile-Friendly (Responsive)

Google gives more importance to mobile friendly sites and make sure you site is mobile friendly always build a responsive site.

The Definitive Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Few SEO factors you should stress upon are

A Website should be technically sound

The important factor in on page optimization is that the site should be technically sound, the crawlers should be able to index the content properly without any blocking. If you are using word press you should  not have much worries as it is SEO friendly and you can use plugins to take care of these. Yoast SEO is best to take care of this.

Quality Content

The best  SEO advice is to provide quality content. The content which makes the user engaged, will bring you more returning users and also reduce the bounce rate.

Best experience to the user

The user should able to navigate through the site Hassle free. Which will increase the time spent on the page and also increase the number of screens visited on the site.

If you take care of the above-mentioned factors the on-page SEO should be taken care of.

Advantages of SEO

What you do is there to stay

The biggest advantage of SEO is that it is permanent and it is there to stay as long as you provide quality content. It is not like the paid advertisement when you bid high you rank and otherwise, you are not in the picture. SEO takes more effort compared to PPC or other paid advertising, but it is trustworthy.

You do it because they do it

The biggest advantage of online advertising is that you are able to get a sense of what your competitors are doing. Now that your competitors are using online marketing and if you want to outrank them you will definitely need to use online marketing for your business.


People trust google and to rank organically in google you need to have good SEO technique. The more backlinks from high domain authority site will help you, so if you are ranked higher obliviously traffic increases.


SEO is a way to get organic traffic to your website without paying any money, the effort and time required would be more compared to paid advertising.

Rank High-More Clicks

It is obvious that all the digital marketers desire is to rank first on google. The probability of clicks when you rank first on Google is high when compared to other results. It might because of human perception or trust in google or other reason.

What is Off Page SEO?

Off-page, SEO is purely getting quality links from other sites and through social media in order to rank your site higher. Links from sites with higher domain authority is always the key.

The advantage of off page SEO

  • Increase in domain authority
  • Increase in referral traffic
  • Increase in page rank

Different ways for off page optimization

Off page optimization can be done in different ways

  1. Guest blogging

Find relevant blogs in your domain which offer guest blogging, get in touch with them and offer quality content so you can have a long-term relationship. But before you reach out,make sure you reach out to top domain authority sites.

Below are some of the ways you can search for guest blogging sites.

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

Search in Google as guest blogging sites followed by your domain you will get plenty of sites, choose the ones with high DA and approach them.

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

SOURCE- RankWatch

Example for getting backlinks

You can select directories and then list your site in the same and it will look like this

Submit your site in submit your Url to to improve marketing This site is listed under Education and Training Directory

PPC Advertising

As we all know SEO takes time so if you want to be ranked for a particular keyword ASAP, then your bet should be PPC ads. I have already explained about PPC ads in my previous blog, you can have look at it.

In pay per click, the advertisers are charged only if the user clicks the ad. You can set the bid for your keyword or you can select auto bids.

The keyword is the crux of search marketing. The advertisers bid on the keyword and if your keyword matches then your ad is displayed.

It is not that the ad might display every time the keyword matches. Google will display your ads based on the adrank.

This is how the PPC AD will look

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

Adrank is based on two factors

  1. Quality score
  2. Cpc bid

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

Image source-Search engine land

Adrank= Cpc bid *quality score

The ad with the better adrank gets the better result.

CPC Bid is the bid for your keyword.

Quality score- This metric tells you how relevant your ad is and the components are (landing page relevance and CTR).

Here is an example of how the ad will rank.

Quality SCORE Max bid Adrank Position
Advertiser1 5 $4 20 3
Advertiser2 7 $5 35 1
Advertiser3 6 $4 24 2

What is Social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing where you use social media to promote your website or your product. You could also use these platforms to do paid advertising. These platforms have their own analytics to analyze how your campaigns are performing.

Some of the best Social media platforms are

  1. Facebook

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

This is the platform where most of the crowd spends its time. If your business is not having a facebook page then you are missing some thing big.

complete guide to digital marketing for beginnersImage source- Social Examiner

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners


Facebook lets you

  • Boost your page
  • Promote your website
  • Product catalog sales
  • Increase brand awareness
  • App installs
  • To increase engagement

You can also target people for your campaigns based on interest demographics and behavior.

Click here for the complete guide about Facebook advertising

2. Twitter

This is the platform where your text can spread like wildfire with the help of hashtags. You have only 280 character limit in twitter. Twitter also lets you post pics and short videos. The best way to gain more followers on twitter is to use relevant hash tags and follow relevant people.

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

Image via Twitter

Click here for a complete guide on twitter advertising

3. Linkedin

Linkedin is used for professional purpose where you can find people of your interest for professional networking. This also best platform to showcase your skillset if you are looking for a better job.

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners


Linkedin allows you to promote your content on the right side or on the feed and in the inmail. You can target a specific industry, company, job type, etc.

Click here for complete guide on linkedin advertising

4. Youtube

This is the best platform for videos. You can upload your videos on youtube and could promote your videos by sharing the link on other social media sites to increase the number of video views and to reach more people.

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

Click here for a complete guide on youtube marketing

Affiliate marketing

You will promote the product you wish on your website and for sale, you refer you will get a commission. The commission varies on the product you promote. The sale that you make is done by unique tracking link.

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners

Most of the sites selling online will have affiliate programs, just signup for the affiliate program after which you will get a link. You could use this link in your website or your newsletter and if this triggers a sale then you get the commission.

Certain sites have certain policies where there is a cookie period of 60 days. If the user comes to your site with the affiliate link but does not purchse the product and returns within the cookie period and purchase your product you get the commission.

Click here for a complete guide on affiliate marketing

Email Marketing

We were in an era where telephone, radio, and newspaper were dominating the major part of the advertising and only that big brands were able to capitalize on this, due to the economic factor the smaller brands could not capitalize on advertising.

Email marketing gives you the advantage of targeting the specific marketing users or companies you want to target for advertising your product. This can be done by small, medium, and large companies.

In a typical B2B company the mail is sent with all the service benefits the highlights of the company with few resources and then the next stage is the appointment and so on.

Email marketing is also used as a source for promotions and also for sending weekly updates to the customers.

complete guide to digital marketing for beginners


Click here for a complete guide on email marketing


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